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My name is Miller, but I will refer to my self as e-Vaper on this blog. I am just an ordinary guy living in sunny California, who probably owes his normal, healthy life to a gadget called electronic cigarette. 

I took up smoking when I was just 15, and went through over a pack a day, until a year ago, when a friend recommended I try e-cigarettes, after seeing me cough my lungs out for like a minute. I had tried to kick the habit before, using all kinds of tricks like patches and nicotine gum, but nothing seem to work. Just three weeks after using an e-cigarette, I managed to say goodbye to tobacco forever. Then, four months later I went nicotine-free either, and I use e-cigs simply for the pleasure of blowing vapor rings. I realize quitting smoking isn't easy, but I'm here to let you know there is an alternative that actually works. It's called new and controversial, but you'll see what it can really do for you after you've tried it.

I decided to start blogging about my vaping experience to hopefully help other smokers improve their health and start living a normal life.